Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Snippet of Lyrics 'Judas' and 'Government Hooker'

In a recent radio chat, Gaga revealed that she's not planning on having anyone guest on Born This Way, according to Digital Spy. "I want to stand on my own two feet. I've already collaborated with my favorite female in the business," she teased. "We'll see how I'm feeling when I'm wrapping up the album."

With the anticipation for the record so high, fans are beginning to piece together the puzzle of BTW. Reported lyrics for her second single, "Judas," have already hit the Internet. On the track, Gaga waxes poetic about a lover whom she loves more than he loves her.
Government Hooker
We had our night
our real nature
No more time to decide ,
let it climb
let it ignite.
I can be cool
I can be anything,
I’ll be your everything
Just touch me baby!

You never ever never
Ever really ever loved me more, than I
But Nemesis is watching over-high,
And this is your time
Judas, lie on lie, write
Tears drop ’cause I cry
The echo truth killed you so you may finally die


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