Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Laurieann Gibson about album “Born This Way” and the upcoming tour

Laurieann Gibson spoke to MTV News about Lady GaGa’s upcoming album, “Born This Way”, saying:

This new album is spectacular. And I got to tell you, you got to really stand by and take notice, ’cause the album is excellent. It’s of such excellence that I think that everyone’s going to be really impressed and affected. The records are so visual and large and the concept of birthing has so many levels to it and the dance is never limited, that you’re just gonna keep seeing an extension of this story. And hopefully [we] get humanity to a place where we can effect change.

She then teased about the upcoming tour to support the album, which GaGa has said will begin around November:

We did a theater in an arena and it worked [for the Monster Ball Tour]. … How do we take it to the next level?


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