Saturday, April 30, 2011

New tweets

Been working so hard, wonderful things coming! The Judas Video is a masterpiece, coming next week!

I love u more! @SimplyAbdiel: So I connected my iPod to iTunes + foundout I've listened to #Judas 328 times in 11 days. I love @LadyGaga!

I really loved Glee's Born This Way episode. I admire the show for being brave+fighting for such modern social messaging. Never back down.

GaGa Arrived at Oprah Show (29/04/11)

Born This Way Acapella part 2 by HBO

Gaga to Appear on Oprah 5th May

Gaga has announced that she will appear on the Oprah Winfrey show on Thursday, May 5th. The singer will stop by the legendary show to perform a song from Born This Way and give an exclusive interview about the long-awaited album, due in stores on May 23rd. The rumor about a possible performance with a mash-up of Judas and Marry The Night, which was confirmed as 3rd single from the new album, is not confirmed yet.

Friday, April 29, 2011

New tweets

Posting a special video of me on The Ellen Ball shortly, with a surprise addition. Are monsters ready for #BornThisWayTracklisting Paws up X

Getting ready to perform on TV. Remember when the new race was born?

Monster Ball on HBO is coming

Full interview on Daybreak

Birhtday cake from GaGa for Ellen

Gaga wins 2 awards at MTV O Music Awards

Innovative Artist:

Most Follow Artist on Twitter:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

GaGa on Ellen Show

New tweets

GAGAVISION no.44: And UK Monsters today I'm on Daybreak talking about Judas! X

GAGAVISION no.44 momentarily. New unheard track revealed. Need an editing catheter!

Interview for MTV Latin America

'Electric Chapel' & 'Heavy Metal Lovers'

Official tracklist of Born This Way songs from Standard edition.
01. Marry The Night
02. Born This Way
03. Americano
04. Bad Kids
05. Bloody Mary
06. Electric Chapel
07. Government Hooker
08. Hair
09. Heavy Metal Lovers
10. Road to Love (Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)
11. Shiza [ Sheiße / Scheisse, Scheibe]
12. You & I
13. Judas
14. Edge of Glory

New lyrics from Born This Way

‘Dance, dance, dance with your hands, hands, hands above your head like Jesus.’
And from 'Americano':
“I don’t speak your, I don’t speak your, Americano"

On The Set Of Judas

Promo from The Ellen Degeneres Show

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Gagavision no.44 coming 2morrow night, commemorating the last American MonsterBall. Hurts to write this. The stage is my home. #BornThisWay

Whoever is hacking my twitter must answer to 10 million monsters and Twitter police. #Don"tMakeMeCallTheApostles

GaGa meets fans after Ellen show

GaGa performing Judas on Ellen preview

GaGa interviewed on Virgin 96 Radio

'Say a Little Monster Prayer' HBO

Gaga to Donate $1 Million to Robin Hood Foundation

Gaga has partnered with Robin Hood Foundation, New York’s biggest poverty-fighting organization, to lauch a Facebook contest and donate $1 million to five charities that benefit homeless youth in New York City. Fans can vote for which organization most deserves the money. The results will be announced during Lady Gaga’s performance at Robin Hood’s gala on May 9th and the winning charity will receive a $500,000 grant over a two-year period, with the following charities receiving smaller grants.

“I’m thrilled to be working with the Robin Hood Foundation to distribute funds to help the youth of New York City,” said Lady Gaga. “NYC is my hometown and I think investing in these kids’ future will go a long way.”

Gaga on Ellen Degeneres Show

Lady Gaga’s going to be on Ellen Degeneres Show tomorrow, April 28th. Check the first pictures from the show.

Preview of Gaga’s interview on the set of ‘Judas’

Glee - Born This Way

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New HBO Trailer

Judas Romance

New tweets (GaGa perform Judas in Ellen)

Happy Easter Twitterland. JUDAS is about forgiveness+perseverance through struggle. Persevere today! I'm with the Easter Bunny, he says hi.

Thanku @brady_gaga: @ladygaga performance last night was absolutely flawless. I feel liberated,thanku 4 lovin ure fans as much as we love u!

So excited to perform my new single 'Judas' on Ellen this Thursday for the 1st time! Haus of Gaga working away. Pop culture is our religion. 

GaGa wins 3 MTV Platinum Video Plays awards

MTV have announced the winners of their 2010 platinum video plays awards! Lady GaGa has walked away with three awards for her videos, with “Bad Romance”, “Telephone” and “Alejandro” walking away with an award for platinum plays.

Born This Way Acapella by HBO

‘Judas’ Video to Premiere on American Idol

The clip, directed by Gaga herself in collaboration with Laurieann Gibson, is set to premiere on American Idol on the first week of May. The forthcoming video was filmed earlier this month in Los Angeles and features Lady Gaga playing Mary Magdalene and actor Norman Reedus in the role of Judas.

Gaga to Perform on Ellen Show

Gaga is going to be on Ellen Degeneres show this Thursday, April 28th. Not only she’ll be interviewed, but she will also give us a new performance.

GaGa's Backseat Prayer

Saturday, April 23, 2011

GaGa announcement Judas video

Skip to 1:23 (GaGa singing Judas ;)) 
Judas video coming up 1st week of May

Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour: at Madison Square Garden

Thursday, April 21, 2011

GaGa to appear on ITV’s Daybreak

UK broadcaster ITV and their morning show, “Daybreak”, has confirmed that they have exclusively interviewed Lady GaGa on the set of her upcoming video for “Judas”!

The UK show have confirmed that the interview will be shown on April 28th, with their presenter Ross King conducting the interview with the lady herself.

Born This Way (Glee Cast Version)

‘Judas’ debuts on Billboard Hot 100

“Judas” this week debuts at No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. After being rush-released on Friday afternoon, the track sold 162,000 copies in just over two days and gained more than 26 million audience impressions on the radio. “Judas” becomes Gaga’s 9th consecutive top ten hit and third-highest debut on the chart. Congrats.

Gaga musical guest at SNL final season

Gaga has been confirmed to be the musical guest for the season finale of Saturday Night Live. Gaga will perform songs from her highly-anticipated new album Born This Way just days before it hits stores around the world. Tune in to NBC on May 21st to catch the episode, hosted by Justin Timberlake!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

GaGa reveals more “Born This Way” track details

Road To Love

With a soaring melody, nods to Springsteen and an industrial techno production represent the blueprint for ‘Born This Way’. A unicorn is mentioned. The sax in this and in ‘Hair’ and in ‘Edge Of Glory’ – is not just there for no reason. I grew up listening to much Springsteen and Billy Joel, so in a way, it represents my innocence.

Bloody Mary

A dark, pulsing and atmospheric, almost funeral electroballad, one of several tracks including ‘Judas’ with religious references. I believe that Mary Magdalene was both fully divine and fully human. She has to be strong when Jesus fulfills the prophecy to die for everyone’s sins, but she still has the moment of humanity where she’s upset to let him go. She had to be a superstar, but she must have cried too.

Government Hooker

Gregorian pop chants, pervy robot voices (courtesy of GaGa’s bodyguard, Pete), window-rattling beats, and the extraordinary line “Put your hands on me, JF Kennedy”. GaGa: The humour is that a machine in tells me what to do and I happily do it as long as I get fucked. It relates to how our government fuck us over, but it makes fun of the plastic popstar – I’ll do anything as long as you fuck me and pay me

Marry The Night

Peak-era Whitney Houston-esque pop euphoria up top, with churning techno grinding underneath. “This is about me going back to New York. I wrote this about the courage it took for me to say ‘I hate Hollywood, I just wanna live in Brooklyn and make music’”


Told as a love story between Gaga and a girl from L.A., this is an acid house-fuelled Mexican-themed footstomper. “This was my first proper collaboration with Fernando Garibay and White Shadow. Labels had been telling Fernando to tone down his mexican influences, but here, we really brought them out. It was when Prop 8 was overturned in California. The immigration law was passed in Arizona, houses were being raided for immigrants, some of whom had been here for 20 years. America was once the land of the free, and now we’re telling everyone to get the fuck out”

GaGavision no.43

Download 'Music from Born This Way' (Marry The Night) here

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

GaGavision no.43 tonight! New tweets - Born To Dance. What a night in Atlanta. Born to Survive.

GAGAVISION no.43 tonight, Midnight PST. Born This Way is who I am. An artist in a constant state of half-fantasy/half-reality at all times.

PopJustice about ‘Bloody Mary’

Bloody Mary is quite subtle actually, it’s a song about Mary being divine and human at the same time, with a subtext (maybe it’s not even a subtext) about the role of a woman who is supposed to be a superstar and a real woman at the same time. Not life alteringly deep perhaps but it works as a pop song. 

Gaga Covers NME Magazine

Gaga is on the cover of the new issue of NME Magazine with new photos from Mariano Vivanco photo shoot.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New HBO Trailer

New tweets

Original Born This Way on Left, Special Edition Album on right. Can't wait for you to hear music! X

So excited! Just finished the special edition cover for the album. The original has 14 songs + special has 17 and 5 remixes. Tweeting soon! - So happy+free to finally share this w you, riding around with the booklet! Can't believe its here!


5 MINUTES. "Get your hot rods ready to rumble, cause' we're gonna drink until we die."- HIGHWAY UNICORN (ROAD TO LOVE)

15 minutes. #BTWCover. "Get your hot rods ready to rumble, cause' were gonna fall in love tonight"- HIGHWAY UNICORN (ROAD TO LOVE)


Attention Little Monsters BIG NEWS; I will unveil the Born This Way album cover at 1am EST tonight. PUT YOUR PAWS UP! #BTWcover

NEW SINGLE JUDAS! GET IT HERE: Monsters, thank you for inspiring me to write this song. Blood, Sweat + Jüdas.


Even After Three Times He Betrays Me.

New Slam outtake