Friday, April 8, 2011

Gaga to Guest-Edit Metro International

Metro, one of the world’s largest newspapers, announced today that Lady Gaga will guest-edit all of their international editions on May 17th. In her role as the global editor-in-chief, Gaga will highlight issues related to equality and individuality, provide comments on the breaking news of the day and select stories for Metro’s editions in 20 countries from the London office of Metro World News.

The newspaper will also run a competition where one fan will be chosen as Lady Gaga’s editorial assistant. The contest will challenge readers to share what makes them “born this way” and to identify what issues of equality affect them. “Let’s see how fans would define what ‘Born This Way’ is for them,” says Gaga. “I say I was born to be brave. That’s part of my mission in life. I was born to follow my artistic visions. Look into yourself. Are you born to be brave?”


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