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Queen with Castle??

Lady GaGa reportedly wants to buy a castle in the north of England or Scotland.

The singer is apparently keen to purchase a home in the UK and is looking for a countryside estate.

A friend told the Daily Record: "No expense will be spared in her quest to make this dream come true.

"It's her childhood dream and she's particularly interested in castles in the north of England or Scotland."

Real estate agent Matthew Sinclair has revealed that the market for grand properties in Scotland is low and could fall by as much as a third, which he said GaGa may have taken into consideration.

He explained: "The average time a property is on the market is eight months. That tells us much of the property is overpriced.

"The country house market seems completely static. Some prices being asked are what they would have sold for at the peak of the market.

"With that amount of property on the market, the chances are there. Many are on at the wrong price, but they could be forced to change."

Gaga Makes List of People ‘Who Matter’

Lady Gaga made it to No. 44 on the New Statesman‘s list of people who matter 2010. Gaga is the only singer among the individuals “with global influence and the power to change our world”.

When does a star become an icon? The moment she passes the six million mark on Twitter? The day she is nominated for six Grammy Awards? Or the month (August 2010) in which it is calculated she has sold more than 15 million albums and 51 million singles worldwide? Lady Gaga has done all these things.

But that’s not it. In her own words: “God put me on earth for three reasons: to make loud music, gay videos and cause a damn ruckus.” Ah, the ruckus. It has become the Gaga art form, most recently seen in the shape of a dress made of raw meat that she wore to the MTV Video Music Awards, provoking outrage and uproar in equal measure (“What does Lady Gaga’s meat dress mean?” asked the BBC).

Gaga is used to such reactions: the world attends her every theatrical move, from the live routine that left her blood-soaked and ailing onstage to the red leather Elizabeth I dress that she wore to meet the Queen at the Royal Variety Show last year. And yet, while some say she redefines empty exhibitionism, her army of obsessed fans – whom she calls her “Little Monsters” – surge to her defence.

This is Gaga’s trick. While she is mainstream enough to sell huge quantities of records and duet with Beyoncé (on the nine-minute song “Telephone”, whose video features prison bondage and lesbian kisses), she has established herself as an ambassador for the marginalised, the lonely, the misunderstood. It’s a lucrative market.

There’s a limitless supply of alienated teenagers willing to sign up to a life of Gaga worship, especially since she tattooed her love for them on her arm (near another of her tattoos, from Rilke: “In the deepest hour of the night, confess to yourself that you would die if you were forbidden to write. And look deep into your heart where it spreads its roots, the answer, and ask yourself: must I write?”) But she was not always Gaga.

Born in New York City in 1986, Stefani Germanotta went to a private Catholic school on the Upper East Side, although she says her parents were from “lower-class families”. She was always, she says, an outsider, but a dorm-mate at New York University remembers her as “a very suburban, preppy, friendly, social party girl”.

The name “Lady Gaga” was born of a misspelt text by her then collaborator and producer, Rob Fusari (who tried to sue Gaga, saying she failed to pay him royalties for songs that he had co-written) – yet a New York Post profile claimed it was concocted by music industry executives.

This, too, is Gaga: a myth. The comparison is often made with Madonna – Gaga has inherited her mantle of Catholic-girl-turned-provocatrice. The feminist author Camille Paglia calls it “theft”, an image of an icon repurposed for modern times, but Gaga has morphed the brand with her own uncompromising, outlandish, androgynous style.

And for her millions of Little Monsters, she is not just an artist, a singer, or a wearer of impossible clothes, but their champion and heroine: the ultimate “self-professed freak”.

Gaga in The Oak Room (29/09/10)

Gaga was spotted out at The Oak Room in New York City on Wednesday night.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New North America Monster Ball Dates

February 28, 2011 – Chicago, IL – United Center (on sale September 24th)
March 1, 2011 – Grand Rapids, MI – Van Andel Arena (on sale October 2nd)
March 4, 2011 – Buffalo, NY – HSBC arena (on sale October 2nd)
March 6, 2011 – Ottawa, Ontario – Scotiabank Place (on sale October 1st)
March 12, 2011 – Louisville, KY – KFC Yum! Center (on sale October 1st)
March 17, 2011 – Omaha, NE – Qwest Center (on sale October 2nd)
March 23, 2011 – Sacramento, CA – Arco Arena (on sale September 25th)
March 29, 2011 – San Diego, CA – Viejas Arena (on sale October 1st)
March 31, 2011 – Anaheim, CA – Honda Center (on sale September 24th)
April 6, 2011 – Austin, TX – Frank Erwin Center (on sale September 24th)
April 15, 2011 – Orlando, FL – Amway Center (on sale October 2nd)
April 16, 2011 – Tampa, FL – St. Pete Times Forum (on sale October 2nd)
April 19, 2011 – Nashville, TN – Bridgestone Arena (on sale September 25th)
April 22, 2011 – Newark, NJ – Prudential Center (on sale October 4th)
April 23, 2011 – Uniondale, NY – Nassau Coliseum (on sale October 4th)
April 25, 2011 – Montreal, QC – Bell Centre (on sale October 2nd)
April 27, 2011 – Cleveland, OH – Quicken Loans Arena (on sale October 1st)

Gaga attends grandfather’s funeral

Lady Gaga’s grandpa, Joseph Germanotta (86), passed away earlier this week in his nursing home in New Jersey. Gaga is seen here with boyfriend Luc while attending her grandfather’s funeral service.

GaGa Out & About in New York (26/9/2010)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Gaga loses her grandfather

Lady Gaga is currently going through a very hard time as her grandfather reportedly passed away at the end of the week.

Gaga has opened up before that she is very close with her grandfather, so one can only imagine how difficult this must be for the outrageous singer, states Gaga reportedly just spent time with her grandfather earlier this week.

Earlier this weekend, after his passing, Gaga was spotted out, dressed all in black and, for her style, quite dressed down. It appears that this loss has hit Gaga quite hard.

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Gaga in Vampires Suck

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GaGa in NYC (25/09/10)

Lady GaGa was seen in New York with her boyfriend.

2 Untagged Photos Of Vanity Fair Shoot

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Matthew Rolston Photoshoot 2009 in UHQ

Armani Hitches Wagon to Gaga

The Italian fashion designer best known for the power suits that defined 1980s corporate America took an unusual turn of style this year when he dressed Lady Gaga in a crystal-encrusted silver hoop dress with orbiting rings for the Grammy Awards. The bondage-style black leather costumes in the American performer’s racy “Alejandro” video were also Mr. Armani’s, as was a black rubberized dress with spikes sticking out from the breast the platinum-haired singer donned at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles. Mr. Armani will soon work on costumes for Lady Gaga’s concert in Italy in December.

The 76-year-old designer’s multimillion-dollar partnership with the 24-year-old pop idol has put Mr. Armani “in a new creative spotlight—individuality, edge, futuristic style,” says retail-brand consultant Tom Julian. It is also an effort by one of fashion’s oldest figures to rejuvenate his €1.5 billion business.

Since revolutionizing wardrobes 30 years ago by taking the lining out of blazers—to make them less stiff and more form-fitting—Mr. Armani has expanded his company into a sprawling empire with six separate adult clothing lines spanning from the exclusive haute couture Privé collection to mass-market A/X Armani Exchange fashion.

For years now, however, fashion critics haven’t looked to Mr. Armani for new trends. The daughters of the women who climbed the corporate ladder a generation ago in Armani now gravitate toward younger designers such as Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang. It remains to be seen whether his Emporio Armani women’s fashion show, scheduled for Saturday, will be influenced by Lady Gaga, as his men’s collection was in June.

Mr. Armani pioneered dressing for celebrities 30 years ago when he made the suits for Richard Gere in “American Gigolo,” and he was the first to open a Hollywood office to court the stars. But in recent years, he’s been beaten at his own game as designers such as Marchesa and Elie Saab have dressed bold-faced names on the red carpet. Though Armani is still a staple for tuxedos, when it comes to gowns, the designer has been eclipsed by rivals like Chanel and Dior.

Roberta Armani, Mr. Armani’s niece who, as manager of VIP relations, is shepherding the Lady Gaga partnership, says the performer has helped the company think younger. “A huge company like Giorgio Armani has the duty to always be alert to trends and what appeals to young people,” she said in an interview this week in Armani’s Milan headquarters, where Mr. Armani was putting his final touches to his catwalk shows. “It helped to see how the world is through Lady Gaga, the way she uses Facebook and Twitter.”

How to appeal to emerging generations is one of the biggest challenges of the fashion business. Designer brands, even the most cutting-edge ones, such as Prada, have been late to embrace the Internet and social-networking sites, for example. Designers who are linked with a certain era—as Mr. Armani is with the corporate 80s and minimalist 90s—often have loyal consumers who age with them, but have trouble attracting younger fans. The decline of brands such as Versace, Donna Karan and Escada is in part due to their failure to appeal to new consumers. The recent economic downturn has also weighed on fashion companies; sales at Giorgio Armani SpA dipped 6.3% last year, while net profit fell 31% to €88.8 million.

Armani’s relationship with Lady Gaga began last November when Ms. Armani saw Lady Gaga perform live at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles. Ms. Armani contacted Lady Gaga’s stylist, Nicola Formichetti, to see whether Lady Gaga might wear Armani for the Grammy Awards’ evening, which was two months away. At the time, Mr. Armani was preparing for his January Privé label catwalk, whose theme was the moon. Mr. Armani took time out to sketch three designs for the performer: a cosmic hoop dress with matching platform shoes; a silver minidress and blazer with a hat shaped like a lightning rod; and a scintillating green bodysuit with high shoulders, and green crystal glasses. All of them played off the same celestial theme as the Privé collection—but were more daring.

It is unusual for Mr. Armani to design a dress specifically for one person. His celebrity admirers, such as actresses Cate Blanchett and Michelle Pfeiffer, generally choose existing outfits from the collections.

“It wouldn’t be possible to give Gaga a look from the collection because she wears pieces of art. It’s theatrical,” says Ms. Armani, adding that the designer has created stage costumes for singers such as Tina Turner and Beyoncé.

At the first fitting in New York, several weeks before the Grammys, Lady Gaga decided to wear all of the outfits Mr. Armani had sketched for her. The decision would give Mr. Armani exclusivity of the music world’s biggest star on the music world’s biggest night of the year.

Several days before the event, Ms. Armani flew to Los Angeles with two seamstresses from Milan for the final fitting in between rehearsals. The seamstresses worked through the night tailoring the creations to Lady Gaga’s body.

Weeks later, Lady Gaga reached out to Mr. Armani for the video to her hit single “Alejandro;” the singer wanted tight black military-style leather suits for the male dancers. The description fit the image Mr. Armani was playing with for the upcoming men’s collection of his Emporio Armani line. At Emporio’s June fashion show in Milan, models wore the same black bondage outfits as in the video while the “Alejandro” video played on the wall at the back of the runway. Men’s fashion magazine GQ hailed the collection, describing it as “full-on tough, tough clothes for rough, rough boys.”

Armani’s partnership with Lady Gaga is continuing this year—a coup that is particularly notable because edgier brands constantly woo the performer as well. At the VMAs earlier this month, for example, Lady Gaga wore an Alexander McQueen gown in tribute to the designer who committed suicide in February. (She also wore a dress, shoes, purse and hat made of raw meat.)

Though Mr. Armani has designed an entire wardrobe for Lady Gaga since the January Grammys—including for her appearance on American Idol and her “Monster Ball” concert tour—the two have never met. Still, Ms. Armani says that despite the half century between their ages, the two have lots in common—including Lady Gaga’s Italian heritage (the performer’s real name is Stefani Germanotta). And she adds: “Gaga is so avant-garde and he is so timeless that they meet.”

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Photos and scans.

GaGa in Tatler magazine.

Backstage at KISS concert.

Backstage at V Magazine shoot.

At Lincoln Park Renaissance Nursing Home (22/09/10).