Sunday, October 31, 2010

Review Of Songs From ‘Born This Way’ by Administrator

No words can honestly do the material I heard Justice. Lady GaGa has well and truly topped herself with this record and I didn’t think that was possible. I am a huge fan of The Fame and The Fame Monster but the new material catapults GaGa to another level. The music is so fresh and so liberating and it’s almost like a new genre of music. The lyrics are nothing short of genius, GaGa has spent two years working on this album and it really shows in the music. You can tell that GaGa has spent every minute that God has sent working on the new material; it truly reigns supreme over her previous work. The new music took me to places GaGa’s music has never took me to before, it’s really inspirational, empowering and liberating and it will set you free. I know a lot of you are peeved that the album doesn’t drop until 2011 but it’s honestly worth the wait. Lady GaGa is still tweaking and perfecting the album to make it the best gift possible for her Little Monsters.

Lady GaGa spoke about her love and devotion for her fans in great detail, crediting them as her biggest inspirations, to quote GaGa said “Lady GaGa = Little Monsters”. I could see in her eyes how proud she was when she played the new songs, GaGa was dancing around the room with the biggest and proudest smile on her face and it was beautiful to witness. The songs I have heard from Born This Way are all number one hits, they instantly become my favourites after only one play. I have never heard anything quite like them before, they are so original and they are a first for music in my opinion. Gaga’s attitude, dedication and devotion to the new material was so apparent, minus the fact she has the album title tattooed on her thigh I could tell how proud she is, she credits Born This Way as her greatest work and It’s clear to see why. 2011 is going to be GaGa’s year, it’s going to take her success to a whole new level and it’s going to prove to everyone who has been negative towards GaGa that she truly deserves the success she has achieved. I was permitted to write a fan review on the promise that I do not reveal too much so I’m going to end this review here. Like all of you I am more than excited to hear the finished product in 2011 … It’s going to be EPIC! You are all going to be so proud of Mother Monster.


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