Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sky Ferreira on Gaga: “She’s made everyone have to step up their game”

Up and coming pop singer, Sky Ferreira, talks about Gaga in a recent interview with PAPERMAG:

What’s your take on the current Gaga-fied pop world with all the glitz and
glamour? You kept it simple with the video for the Rankin-directed “One”.

I love the whole dramatic over the top thing. I like songs to be like
chapters. Some simple, some extreme. I want each video and song to be something
completely unexpected. Not meaning unexpected for “shock factor” — more just to
experiment. I don’t want to do something to just shock people. I’ll only do
something because I think it’s awesome and I want to do it. Not like “Oh, OK. I
need to do this and that so I can get their attention.” That’s why I love Lady
Gaga because I think it’s the same with her. She’s made everyone have to step up
their game.


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