Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Have A ‘Strong Moral Code’

Despite her outrageous persona, Lady GaGa has admitted she isn’t that gaga after all. The 24-year-old singer, famed for her crazy outfits and headgear, revealed that away from the cameras she is a ‘lady with a strong moral code’.

Speaking after performing her Monster Ball show in Boston, she told the Daily Star: “I am Lady GaGa because in private I am a lady.“Don’t be fooled by the way I look, underneath all this I know exactly who I am and what my boundaries are. They are all important to me.

“As a performer I’m outrageous and wild but as a person I have a very strong moral code. I would never cheat on a man. I believe in honesty and integrity.“My greatest sacrifice is love. I’ve only ever been in love once and I had to walk away because I had to put my career first.”

The Bad Romance star, who has been known to drench herself in blood on stage, added: “I dress to get people to stare.”I say a lot of things for shock value and I do a lot of things to deliberately unsettle people, like going around in my underwear in the middle of winter. It gets a big reaction.

“I am Lady GaGa 24/7, I have no day off. Even in bed I wear my pearls and high heels. You either have it or you don’t and I was definitely born a star.”

GaGa in the Gallery of Exhibition of the photographer Nick Knight in London.

New tweet from GaGaloo.

Happy 4th of July little monsters! I can smell you from backstage. Lipstick, whiskey, and the rat pack. F*ck I love AC. X Mother Monster


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