Friday, July 2, 2010

Is ‘Jo Calderone’ Lady Gaga?

A new male model from Sicily has been shot up into the spotlight with the help of The reason why “he’s” center stage–He might be Lady Gaga. That’s right, Jo Calderone could be Gaga’s alter-ego, her middle name IS Joanne. ShowStudio writes “The challenge, of course, was to make him appear elegant: that was where Nicola’s hand and that rail groaning with designer duds came in. The look today has alternated between sleek, sophisticated suiting and, quite naturally, a few Greaser leathers to match Sam McKnight’s fifties pompadour quiff.” ‘Jo Calderone‘ is being featured in Vogue Hommes Japan, ( ‘Hommes‘ is french for men). Also, the stylist of the shoot is none other than the Haus of Gaga’s own Nicola Formichetti and if you rearrange the name ’Calderone’ without the ‘C’ and adding a ‘J’, it spells ‘Alejandro‘, Gaga’s latest single. Perez Hilton has been tweeting a lot of him lately, referring to him as ‘My new hubby’, just as he refers to Gaga as his ‘wifey’.


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