Friday, July 30, 2010

GaGa cooking for Fernando (29/07/10)

Producer Fernando Garibay has tweeted this photo of Lady Gaga cooking dinner for him on Thursday.

Photo courtesy of VAINSTYLE Media- Photographer: Darnell Scott; Stylists: Shelly Castro/Casey Royster; Hair & Make-up: DeeDee Black

New tweets from GaGa.

HOUSTON. Get you're fringe bikinis and boot options. Monsterball is BYOC tonight: Bring ├Żour own cowboy. XMotherMonster.

ladystarlightny tonite is real! the entire LES family is
2gether!!!!!! get ready houston....its on!!!! cant wait!!!

I push harder, dance longer, bleed stronger. I don't want the greatest KISS tribute band of all time, I want the real band. I want KISS.

Days off in the AZ Desert: Cactus fashion + Tequila. Can't make me take off my leather, I would rather faint


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