Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More about Alejandro

- GaGa draw inspiration for “Alejandro” in the masterpiece “Expulsion of Paradise” by Lorenzo Maitani and a Mexican actress, Dolores del Rio, now deceased;

- Among the fashion of the video, there will be many brands such as Chanel and many others brought from the old, in addition to the Haus of Gaga!

- GaGa, as I already said, will play three different people at different times, which will be really hard;

- London, Mexico and a touch old GaGa is what I wanted to capture in “Alejandro“;

- Klein also says that the video will be released very soon;

- The most striking are also the three actors, Alejandro, Fernando and Roberto, scaled for different scenes;

- Apparently the German actor Jordan Brower, was chosen to give life to “Alejandro“;

- GaGa use hers “Vampire Grillz” in the video;


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