Saturday, May 15, 2010

“I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”

During a recent performance of ‘Speechless’ in her ‘Monster Ball Tour’, Lady GaGaissued a statement to her critics who have been calling for her to slow down. Now that her tour has been extended until April 18th 2011, many worry that the singer is risking her health, especially since she has lost several pounds as a result of her hectic schedule. However, GaGa says that she’d “rather not die on vacation” but would “rather die on stage” with her fans. Check out the footage at Youtube (starting at 6:25) where GaGa proclaimed “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”: Wile GaGa’s work ethic is admirable, it is easy to see why many people have been begging her to end her tour. From her rail thin figure to her recent bouts with exhaustion, she seems to truly being killing herself for her craft. It shows how much Gaga cares about her fans!


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