Thursday, August 11, 2011

GaGa Accused Of Plagiarism By Rebecca Francescatti

Rebecca Francescatti The Italian artist, known artistically as Rebecca F, Lady Gaga has accused of having published a plagiarism of his song 'Juda'. According to the Italian singer, the song of Lady Gaga is very similar to yours, composed in 1999, although its success is not revealed so massively.
As reported by TMZ, the Italian has turned to the courts as evidence showing the recording of their issue and arguing that the bass player who played with it now works with Lady Gaga, actively participating in the composition of the 17 topics that are part of his latest album 'Born This Way', including 'Judas'.
In the words of his lawyer, Rebecca Francescatti just want "recognition for what they created," while fans of Lady Gaga defend it tooth and nail through the social network Twitter, where they claim very angry that Rebecca only one taking advantage want to take advantage of Fame Lady Gaga '.


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