Monday, May 16, 2011

"Hair" tweet *EDIT* - Radio 1 show was killer! The Born This Way Itunes Countdown will release my song HAIR 2moro 1pm PST.

Good morning monsters! Couldn't sleep so excited for you to hear HAIR! I performed last night, watch it here:

7h30 until HairSingle! I'm so excited!

I just want to be free, I just want to be me, and I want lots of friends that invite me to their parties. #Hair

I don't wanna change, and I don't wanna be ashamed. I'm the spirit of my Hair, it's all the glory that I bare. I am my #Hair.

How ironic, head full of bleach + two black Cruella stripes. Scalp burning, Mole drawing, eyeliner dripping. Waiting for #Hair. I could

"I'll dye living just as free as my Hair!" Actually the lyric is "I'll die." I think these bleach fumes are making me laugh at my own jokes.

My Song HAIR from my album is dropping on the Itunes Countdown in 12 minutes! Monsters lets trend #FreeAsMyHair!


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