Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lady Gaga has made us all boring, says Jessie J

Emerging pop superstar JESSIE J has dubbed the British music scene 'rubbish' in an exclusive interview.

Jessie - who's just clinched the Brit Award Critic's Choice gong - says the industry needs a good shake-up... and I have to say I couldn't agree with her more.

Snuggling in her dressing room at the Brits launch this week Jessie, 22, fumed: "The British music scene is rubbish right now. There are no artists pushing boundaries. There are no female artists in the UK that mix things up. I didn't come into this to be a puppet.

"I've got a lot to prove and I'm here for a reason and I'm going to make a point."

Jessie - dressed in a fabulous gold metal conical bra, teensy hotpants and towering heels - went on to say Lady Gaga has made artists like Leona Lewis seem 'boring' by comparison.

She said: "Of course Gaga is incredible but she's set the bar so high for everyone else.

"She's made normal artists and music 'boring' which really bothers me. It p***** me off when people say Leona's boring. No she's not.

"Personally, I don't do the style thing to be an artist that people can't relate too. I'm no fantasy artist. I've got an opportunity to dress up and any girl would love to do this."

Jessie is riding high in the charts with debut single Do It Like A Dude and will pick up her gong at the Brit Awards on February 15 at the O2 Arena.

But you won't catch this young lady hitting the after-shows in a drunken mess - she's dry!

She revealed: "I don't drink, party or do drugs because this voice is my bacon. Without it I'm nothing. I go clubbing but I won't ever talk. I want this voice to buy me a house, a car and spread my music around the world."

The Brit pop music scene has been starved of somebody outspoken, sexy and daring who pushes limits for years now. So I'm thrilled all that's about the change with the arrival of Jessie J.


il cappellaio said...

this singer is really boring! yawn!

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