Sunday, January 23, 2011

House of Diehl to create seven dresses for GaGa

The avant-garde fashion label House of Diehl received an e-mail late Monday from one of Lady Gaga’s stylists. “Are you guys around? We need seven dresses for a video shoot by this Friday,” the note read, according to Roman Milisic, one half of House of Diehl.

Mary Jo Diehl, the creative force and namesake behind House of Diehl and Milisic’s wife, said, “No problem, we don’t do ready-to-wear, we do ready-to-rumble!”

Turning around seven dresses in three days is a daunting, if not impossible, task. But for a small New York label like House of Diehl, getting your clothes in a Lady Gaga video is a huge break.

“Gaga can choose a dress by anybody in the whole world, and who else wears avant garde fashion?” said Milisic on Tuesday, from House of Diehl’s live-work space on West 26th Street. “All of her clothes in her last video were from Alexander McQueen, so this is great!”

Milisic and Diehl don’t have any details about the video, nor any guarantees that their outfits will be chosen for it. They know, though, that their garments will be among the options for a video from a song off Gaga’s upcoming album, “Born This Way,” which reportedly begins shooting next week.


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