Saturday, January 15, 2011

Animal Full song #Update#


il cappellaio said...

thank you so much!

il cappellaio said...

Animal is a song written by Lady Gaga It was believed to have been titled "Jungle Claws"or "Fetish"! Part of Lyrics:

I see that you are my type, (my right time)
Wild like a tiger, hunting for prey,
We'll keep, the neighbors up all night.
Hot in the jungle, it's experimental.

I can see the way you're lookin' at me,
Like you're hungry and I am the only thing that you see.
Won't tame you, love the way you're watchin' me. (watchin' me)
Baby I'll keep you up all night,
Gonna tie you up and take a ride.
Animal, animal eh
Animal, animal oh
Boy, I'd hunt to feel your way

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