Saturday, December 18, 2010

Telephone Takes Spotify’s 2010 Chart!

Music streaming and downloading is big business at the moment and one of the biggest around, Spotify, has announced the track that they streamed the most in 2010. With the competition fierce, plenty of great tracks went head to head, but iconic queen of pop Lady Gaga took the crown.

Gaga’s single, Telephone which may have shot to success even more with the aid of a just as big diva Beyonce was the most streamed song this year. Spotify has compiled a top 100 list but I will run through the top 10 tracks for you courtesy of Cnet. You can find the whole chart right here on the Spotify Blog.

The runner up of 2010 was the song Airplanes by Bob, who had the help of Paramore lead vocalist Haley Williams. In 3rd is Gaga again with her huge hit Bad Romance, with Mumford & Sons clinching 4th with The Cave. Rihanna’s Rude Boy is at number 5 with Mumford appearing again with Little Lion Man in 6th place.


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