Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gaga In A New Kind Of Nude

Here is Lady Gaga as you have never seen her before!

The chameleon pop queen has been turned into a nude patron saint of animals and the environment by U.S artist Daniel Edwards.

His statue of Gaga – called ‘Patron Saint of the Gulf’ – sees the singer drenched in BP black oil and holding dying octopi, angry frogs and a struggling pelican.

Gaga, depicted as a modern-day Saint Francis of Assisi, is stood on top of the BP corporate logo and is covered in oil collected by Edwards during the infamous oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico.

“The comparisons between Lady Gaga and Saint Francis can be uncanny, said Edwards’s spokesman Cory Allen.

“Lady Gaga is often depicted with animal imagery, much like Saint Francis, the son of a wealthy fashion merchant, who was also known for his fondness of flamboyant apparel.”

The statue will go on display at the IAO Gallery in Oklahoma City on December 15.


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