Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New tweets

#11MillionMonsters. You always cheer me up.
#TwitterQueenLovesSubway. Turkey and Swiss w Jalapenos on
Whole Wheat Salt n' Peppa Oil Vinegar.

Let's start a TwitterTalk. What are everyone's opinions on the Legalization of Gay Marriage in NY and America? How does it effect equality?

I feel the denial of gay marriage sends a prejudice message. Our youth deserve a fair+hopeful future with government that values us equally.

so sweet thanku! RT @AAA_NotAutoClub: saw TEOG video Its
what I call UNDERSTATED BRILLIANCE not what any1 would've expected love u @ladygaga

Getting ready to perform on the MuchMusic Awards tomorrow. Thank you to amazing Canadian monsters for cheering us on today in rehearsal!

I cant tell you how much last night meant to me Canada, + all monsters. This week was very intense + reflective. Thanku for supporting me.


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